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Zack Benge


Cover  Model/Bodybuilder

My name is Zack Benge and I'm a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach, prep coach, nationally qualified bodybuilder, and published cover model.  I specialize in changing lives by being a living example of what I instill in my clients, which is to live a balanced, healthy life.  My goals are to educate my clients on proper nutrition and exercise for their individual fitness goals.  I am the owner and sole proprietor of Benge Bodies Training & Nutrition.  I have multiple fitness certifications including personal training and nutrition through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  I also specialize in other areas of fitness and performance including foam rolling and strength and conditioning. 

My passion is helping people and seeing them be successful in reaching their goals and changing their lives for the better!  There's no greater feeling than having a client hug you and say "thank you for changing my life."  It is my mission to help people be healthier and happier with how they look, feel, perceive themselves, or whatever it may be that is holding them back.  Health and fitness is my life!  I invite you to let me teach you how to make it a part of yours!  Invest in your future self!


                                                                photo by FuriousFotog


How I Can

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One on One personal training in the gym with me! This is a great opportunity to get in depth, specific training customized to your fitness goals and to also learn proper ...
Personal Training-30 minutes
30 min
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